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10 of The Most Amazing Viral Marketing Campaigns Ever

A successful viral campaign can catapault a brand’s awareness to a whole new level and really get people talking about it. The viral part is when people like it so much that they want to show their friends what they’ve found. The campaign then becomes viral as it is viewed, linked to and shared amongst […]

Poll: What is Your Favorite App to Use for Twitter on The Go?

Poll: What is your favorite app to use when Tweeting from your phone?

Twitter is Growing at a Staggering Rate

Twitter is now growing at a staggering 1,382 percent according to Mashable.

25 People You Should Follow That Tweet About Social Media

In the past, I have used Twitter on behalf of my clients to help them get more exposure and manage their PR using social media. I routinely read through tweets from some of the leading people in social media who were constantly providing me with new ideas on how to help my clients through the […]

Social Networking Surpasses Email Popularity

MarketingPilgrim recently wroate an article discussing how social networking surpasses email popularity.

From Bankrupt to Growth: How A Local Business Grew Using Twitter

See how this Tea business went  from bankrupt to successful by using Twitter.

8 Traits of Highly Effective Influencers

This is a great post written by TechnoSailor about the 8 Traits of Highly Effective Influencers.

How to Influence People on Twitter

Are you looking to find some good resources for attracting and influencing people on Twitter? Derek Halpern has created a twitter resource which brings together some really good articles on doing just that. It goes from tips to getting started on Twitter all the way to Twitter case studies on how others are using it […]

Why Social Media Marketers Are Here to Stay

According to Jim Tobin of Marketing Pilgrim, the social media genie isn’t going back in the bottle. Jim points out how people who specialize in social media marketing will always be in demand. He noted that “historically, the specialists stick around.” 1996: “Once advertising agencies figure out HTML, they’ll do all the web development. These […]

A Look At Good and Bad Marketing in Social Media

Chris Brogan took a look at some of the social media marketing campaigns on twitter who had been targeting him. After looking at the following screenshots, you can see how overusing automated scripts can be bad for your brand image.

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