The “25 Things About Me” Meme is a Viral Success for FaceBook

The “25 Things About Me” meme has been a huge success for FaceBook.  25 Things About Me is basically a chain letter which makes use of FaceBook Notes and tagging. The way it works is pretty simple. Someone writes 25 things about themselves and and then they tag you and 24 other friends. You then write 20-25 things about yourself and tag 25 of your friends. See the screenshot below:

FaceBook 25 Random Things

The chain letter (ie, Social) aspect of this is the biggest reason why this has spread so fast. This is definitely chain mail 2.0, and it has contributed to countless new signups for FaceBook.

According to

  • The number of total Facebook Notes created per day has increased over 100% in the last week
  • The number of people tagged in Facebook Notes per day has increased 5x in the last week

Get more details here.

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