Why Social Media Marketers Are Here to Stay

According to Jim Tobin of Marketing Pilgrim, the social media genie isn’t going back in the bottle. Jim points out how people who specialize in social media marketing will always be in demand.

He noted that “historically, the specialists stick around.”

  • 1996: “Once advertising agencies figure out HTML, they’ll do all the web development. These interactive agencies will be absorbed.” Should’ve been true. Wasn’t.
  • 2000: “Once the interactive agencies figure out the tricks of SEO, specialists in search engine optimization will go away.” Again, didn’t happen.
  • Today: “Once the PR people, or the ad people, or the digital people, or maybe the SEO people, figure out this social stuff…”  Not going to happen.

So basically he is saying that bigger, broader, traditional advertising agencies simply cannot take all the work away from social media marketing specialists. Naturally the firms with the smartest HR people realize that recruiting these specialists is their best bet.

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