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How to Influence People on Twitter

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Are you looking to find some good resources for attracting and influencing people on Twitter? Derek Halpern has created a twitter resource which brings together some really good articles on doing just that. It goes from tips to getting started on Twitter all the way to Twitter case studies on how others are using it to influence people.

Here is a list of the different chapters

  1. Twitter for Newbies
  2. How to Use Twitter Effectively
  3. How to Increase Your Twitter Followers
  4. Why Twitter Helps Bloggers (and How they Can Use It)
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business
  6. Here are the Best Twitter Marketing Resources… Period
  7. Does Twitter Provide Any SEO Benefits?
  8. Where Else Does Twitter Apply?
  9. Twitter Case Studies: What are People and Companies Doing?
  10. (Bonus Chapter) More Twitter Tips

You can see the full twitter resource book here.


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