MrBabyMan: Not Only the King of Digg, but All Social Media?

Chances are that if you spent a few minutes browsing Digg, you would probably read a story submitted by Andrew Sorcini, aka MrBabyMan. He has submitted over 12,200 stories and dugg over 128,000 stories. 28% of his submissions have went popular, being featured on the Digg front page.

Digg can get about 20,000 submissions in one day, yet only about 200 stories a day actually make the front page. The vast majority usually don’t get enough Diggs to make the cut, usually because they are submitted by users with little to no following at all.

Farhad Manjoo recently wrote an article about MrBabyMan, and his immense influence on and other social media sites. Sorcini is the #1 ranked user on Digg. He also participates in the Drilldown podcast, which frequently covers the topic of social media. According to Farhad, MrBabyMan is not only the king of Digg, but “the king of all social media.” You can read the whole article on Slate.

You can add MrBabyMan on Digg here, or add me here.

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